Notice: No more “caching plugins” at WP Engine

We have some exciting news! But watch out too.

Our infrastructure has finally gotten to the point where not only do we not need page- and database-caching plugins, but they actually slow us down.

We love W3 Total Cache and have been using it on all customer sites for almost two years, but it’s time to finally say goodbye. With this change you’ll see an increase in site performance, while having even fewer things you’ll need to worry about.

Right now we’re moving over the last customers to the new system. (More than a thousand blogs are already on the new system!) As with any new system, you should be on the lookout for anything strange. If you see something weird, we can look quickly, and we can also immediately revert back to how things were before.

For more details on why this is cool, check out our blog post about it our “No Caching Plugins” infrastructure.

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